Digital Media Planning & Marketing

Digital Marketing is the need of the hour any kind of business with a large proportion of their target audience being active on social media. As a business, it is the wisest thing to fish in the right part of the sea. Hence making an online presence of your brand in social media is important and it is even more vital to stay engaging to attract your target audience

TN Octa is a digital marketing company that works with audience preference in mind. With a complete analysis and fully developed brand persona, we delve into the various digital promotional activities to widen your presence and engage your audience.


Digital Strategy

Studies have proved that the attention-grabbing span for a customer is just three seconds. As a company, we need to show something that is engaging in those three seconds to retain the attention of the customer and convert him eventually.

Digital marketing is an entirely different arena where traditional marketing methods are obsolete. Our expert team at TN Octa provides the best digital marketing solution by thoroughly evaluating the requirements and deliverables for a brand.

It has become the need of the hour in today’s business arena to be impactful on the digital side to build the company reputation and popularity. Hence the significant building of relationship and networking is ultimate. Numbers that speak volume about your brand’s digital presence include Website visitors, blogs, mention in Twitter, followers in Facebook and LinkedIn. As a digital marketing and social media marketing company, TN Octa works to deliver a successful strategy for your company’s digital presence.

At TN Octa we meticulously plan to embark your journey in the digital world. To successfully implement it, we diligently work on several steps.


Content Marketing

There is nothing that reaches better than great stories. We at TN Octa tell great stories about your brand in a way that your customers will love. In the field where content is king, we at TN Octa are definitely the best advocates for it. We reach the right audience with the right message at the right time for the best results.

Our content is SEO driven and is rich with keywords to enable better reach to right audience online.


Pay per click

ROI is the mantra when it comes to Pay per click. Pay Per Click management at TN Octa aims at reaching your target audience at a compelling price and then making sure that they convert. Our techniques involve in helping you target the right audience, engage them with catchy content throughout the time they are online.


Social Media Marketing

Let us help you tap into the largest target audience base online. With a systematic strategy and a creative execution, we can build an online image that your customers will love and come back for more. SMM is an integral part of a growing business to reach the next level and widen their customer base exponentially. By managing your presence on relevant social media platforms and by maintaining your online reputation, social media marketing can give you the highest ROI.


Lead Generation

With effective digital campaigning aided with a strategic Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine marketing services the right kind of audience can be targeted and converted yielding high ROI. Lead generation is one of the pre-requisite of TN Octa being one of the top digital marketing company.


Video Marketing

If you are looking to build a solid foundation for your corporate with a wide reach then video marketing needs to be on your agenda to build and improve on your digital image. Some interesting facts have shown the credibility and gravitas of having videos as a part of your digital marketing promotions. Videos have proven to help customers decide better while buying products. About 74% who watched an explainer video of the product has ended up buying it. Studies have also shown that 64% of people who stayed for more than two minutes.

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